My Story
Before Raw


Now October 2007


Basically I had a very normal childhood with loving parents, great siblings, fun and happiness. We ate the same as everyone else I knew. I was always very slim, even skinny so I never had to worry about what I ate, in fact I was always encouraged to eat more. My basic diet was bread, cooked veggies, meat, some fruit, loads of chips, sweets, and sodas.

After having our first child I lost the weight, but over several years gained it all back. For 9 years my weight was up and down, but mostly up. My joints always hurt, which I attributed to genetics, I was ALWAYS tired and I had heartburn after most meals.

In 1997 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I will never forget that day, or the months that followed. I was determined to "get healthy" . My plan was to lose weight and strengthen my body so I would be better equipped to deal with the exacerbations that were sure to come. So I ate huge salads each day, lifted weights and did cardio like crazy. I successfully lost almost 40lbs, and I began to feel better.

Then I had our second child and lost the extra weight. However, once he began eating solid foods I slipped and began eating the snacks he ate and one thing led to another. By August 2004 I weighed 219lbs, more than ever before, and I felt worse than ever. My MS symptoms were always there nagging me, at one point I was even hospitalized for I.V. steroid therapy. Every problem I had ever experienced came back and poor health was just part of my life. I was disgusted.

My husband and I declared we would cut out processed foods and sodas. During fall/ winter 2005/2006 I lost 20lbs. I was happy but needed to lose so much more and in February 2006, while researching diets and nutrition on the internet, I happened upon a trail of information that made my heart leap with each new link. Everything I read made sense, it felt right. I had found RAW AND LIVING FOODS!!! I spent countless hours in those first months delving into why, how and what. Most of the information I found gave me hope but scared me at the same time. I could not believe I had been so blind to the damage I had done to my body just through the food (toxins) that I had been ingesting. I began transitioning my diet and by early summer I had lost 25lbs. I noticed changes in my weight but mostly in the way I felt physically and emotionally. I added more and more raw foods and by Christmas I had lost another 20lbs.

I am happy to say that now I try to be 100% raw. Now and then I will have a bottled salad dressing, or taste of cooked food, if I really goof up I feel awful, so I very rarely do that. I thank God daily that I no longer have symptoms from MS, or that horrible emotional fog that constantly loomed. I weigh about 135lbs, that is a total loss of over 80lbs. The amazing part is that this is the weight I was when we married, but my body is in such better condition that instead of size 10-12 I wear size 6-8. I still have much toning and muscle building to do, but I am truly happy, healthy and have FREEDOM that I could never have dreamed of before.
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