I wish true health and happiness to all who visit here!
 Welcome! If you are here I hope it's because you are interested in learning more about raw and living foods. For me this is more than a way to prepare and consume food, it is my lifestyle. Raw and living foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, sprouted grains, herbs and pure raw sweeteners. These foods are unprocessed and not heated beyond 118*. I do not use supplements, but that is a personal choice. I try to keep things very simple most of the time. Embarking upon this way of life means that you will be slowly releasing toxins that have built up in your body. These toxins cause a multitude of physical, mental and emotional disease. You will need to open your mind, research, learn and think for yourself. There are several approaches to a raw and living  foods way of life, each person needs to decides what is best for himself, what brings true health and happiness. I can honestly say that is what I have found and my goal is to provide you with the same information that gave me total freedom. I hope you can find it, too! Feel free to browse for recipes, tips, articles, links and maybe even a few surprises thrown in here or there!

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